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“ZIO-Podolsk” shipped equipment to “Rooppur” NPP


PJSC "ZiO-Podolsk" (a part of the machine building division of Rosatom - Atomenergomash) manufactured and shipped a set of the turbine island equipment for “Rooppur” NPP. The first set of MSR СПП-1200 was sent to the Republic of Bangladesh. The equipment is intended for equipping the power unit No. 2.

The moisture separator-reheaters are designed for drying and reheat of wet steam after the turbine high pressure cylinder. MSR СПП-1200 is shipped in three main parts: separator having weight of 41 t, first stage superheater (the item weight is 86 t), and second stage superheater (having weight of 105 t). During installation, the three parts of MSR СПП-1200 are installed vertically in one body.

Design documentation was developed by specialists of the NPP Equipment Department No. 2 of the Atomic Power Engineering Equipment Division of PJSC “ZiO-Podolsk”, they also provide author's supervision over the manufacture. Service life of the equipment is 50 years. Previously, the plant manufactured and supplied similar items for new power units of “Novovoronezh” NPP-2, “Leningradskaya” NPP-2 and two units of the “Astravets” NPP (Belarus).

JSC Atomenergomash is single-source manufacturer of all reactor room equipment and a significant part of the turbine island equipment of “Rooppur” NPP with VVER-1200 type reactor facility. The division enterprises produce reactors, steam generators, pumping and heat-exchange equipment.

“Rooppur” NPP is designed and constructed on the base of the Russian design. The plant will consist of two power units of 1200 MW each with generation 3+ VVER type reactors.