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Petrozavodskmash manufactured fasteners and embedded parts of safety system accumulators for Akkuyu NPP


Petrozavodskmash, AEM-Technologies, JSC Branch in Petrozavodsk (a member of Atomenergomash, machine engineering division of Rosatom Corporation, and Karelian Regional Branch of the Russian Engineering Union) manufactured sets of fasteners and embedded parts of passive core flooding system (PCFS) hydroaccumulators. The items are designed to be installed as part of the second power unit of Akkuyu NPP under construction.

The embedded parts and fasteners are circular supports made of steel plates, about 5 meters in diameter, 9 and 18 tons in weight each, respectively. The embedded parts are concreted in the NPP flooring, to which the fasteners are connected in their turn, whereupon the PCFS hydroaccumulators are installed. 8 number of embedded parts and 8 number of fasteners are required for securing eight hydroaccumulators. Total weight of the equipment is 220 tons.

A PCFS hydroaccumulator is a thick-walled stainless steel vessel of 120 m3 capacity filled with aqueous solution of boric acid. When the pressure in the primary circuit falls below a certain level, the fluid is automatically fed into the reactor and the active core is cooled down.

Akkuyu NPP is the first nuclear-industry-related project in the world being implemented pursuant to BOO (“build-own-operate”) approach. Akkuyu NPP project includes four power units equipped with Russian III+ generation VVER-reactors with increased safety and advanced engineering and economic features. Each unit will have the capacity of 1200 MW. Basic stages of construction and manufacture are supervised by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Turkey (NDK).