Clean water - demineralization, water treatment, water purification

Rosatom has a unique 45-years long experience and skills in the field of water treatment and purification. 
The world’s first water demineralization complex launched in Aktau (known as Shevchenko) in 1967 has been functioning on the basis of a nuclear power source. The complex keeps on functioning nowadays. This is a world’s only industrial demineralization complex with a capacity of 120 000 m3/day, providing drinking water to the population. Law-potential steam extraction of БН-350 reactor has been used as a power source for the complex. Demineralization has been performed on the basis of MED technology. 
A demineralization complex for producing demineralized water for own needs was launched at Rostov nuclear power plant in 2010.
AEM enterprises have been the developer of water treatment equipment for all industry branches since 1934: from filtration equipment to complex water treatment systems based on the latest technologies of the 21st century – membrane water treatment technologies. 
AEM enterprises provide working in two areas of water treatment: development of new designs of traditional filtering equipment for nuclear power plants and the other is equipment based on membrane technologies and membrane water treatment systems.
Over 150 standard sizes of filtering equipment and installations have been developed within the recent years, including over 60 standard sizes of filters for the nuclear power stations. Chemical shops at all nuclear and thermal power plants are equipped with the above mentioned filtering equipment, which has been successfully operated for over 40 years.
The "General technical conditions, Water treatment equipment for nuclear power plants", OST 108.271.29-84 provide a unified approach to the development of filtering equipment. The group of companies has the competences for both, the supply and production of individual components of equipment, and the engineering of water treatment facilities of any complexity.

Currently, AEM is ready to supply and produce the following equipment 

Water treatment equipment and installations:

  • Ion-exchange filters
  • Clarifying filters
  • Distillation units

Demineralization equipment:

  • Distillation units
  • Pre-treatment systems (filters)
  • Air Conditioning Systems

Water purification equipment:

  •  Saline sewage cleaning systems (evaporators and crystallizers)