Nuclear Power


Since the early days of the domestic nuclear power industry development and up to the present day, the enterprises of the division have been the main designers and manufacturers of equipment for nuclear power plants. We manufacture basic blocks for reactor compartments and machine rooms, and provide installation and maintenance services.

The main advantage of AEM in the nuclear power business is its ability to provide complete delivery of equipment: a reactor island (a nuclear steam supply system) and turbine island.

Our holding includes one of the largest design bureaus - OKB Gidropress, which is the only designer of VVER reactor facilities of the wide power range that operate on the overwhelming majority of Russian-designed nuclear power plants, both in our country and abroad. The enterprise also designs several types of equipment for high-speed neutron nuclear reactors with sodium coolant and other types of equipment for nuclear power plants.

Another leading bureau is - OKBM Afrikantov. Its specialists develop high-speed neutron nuclear reactors, marine and naval nuclear reactor facilities, industrial nuclear reactors, nuclear reactors of small and medium capacity for power plants, basic and auxiliary equipment for the nuclear industry etc. At present, the design bureau is a single-source supplier of nuclear-powered engines the new generation of icebreakers LK-60.

The unique competencies of AEM in Russia include the production of steam generators and primary coolant pumps for Russian-designed nuclear power plants. Our companies have produced more than 220 steam generators, which operate at different power plants around the world.

Today AEM participates in the construction of new power units for Russian NPP: Kurskaya NPP, Leningradskaya NPP, Novovoronezhkaya NPP. As well as the construction of new and modernization of existing units abroad: Belarusian NPP, Akkuyu NPP, Kudankulam NPP, Tianwan NPP, Hanhikivi NPP, Temelin NPP, Paks NPP, Kozloduy NPP, Bushehr NPP, Mochovce NPP, and Armenian NPP.

Apart from production of key equipment of reactor and turbine islands, Atomenergomash group of companies off ers a wide range of products for auxiliary systems and NPP onsite facilities. Range of products manufactured by engineering division includes hundreds of units and is operated at NPPs designed in Russia.

AEM provides design and delivery of:

Reactor building equipment  

  • Reactors (VVER, BN, RITM)
  • steam generators
  • main circulating pumps and pumping equipment
  • main circulation pipelines
  • pressure compensators
  • emergency core cooling systems and reaction zone passive reflooding systems
  • reactor pit equipment and transport airlocks
  • molten-core catchers
  • pipelines and fittings


 Turbine island equipment  

  • Turbine and generator equipment
  • moisture separator-reheaters
  • high pressure and low pressure feedwater heaters
  • pipelines and fittings
  • pumping equipment


 Auxiliary equipment for NPP 

  • Transport and handling equipment
  • fuel handling machines
  • diesel-generator units
  • control and instrumentation
  • special systems of the reactor island

Cast and forged details

Cooling towers