scienceInvestments in innovation and R&D are the key to competitiveness for companies in the power-engineering sector.
Atomenergomash recognizes the need to develop this direction, and thus makes the projects in the field of new scientific developments one of its priorities.

AEM group includes a number of leading research institutes, design bureaus and research centers: TSNIITMASH, Gidropress, OKBM Afrikantov, SverdNIIknimmash, TSKBM.

AEM develops and produces new equipment. The products are tested on the certified equipment. The test results are documented in accordance with applicable national and international standards.
The company employs highly-qualified scientists, engineers and specialists. The specialists of research companies are actively involved in the coordination research programs of the IAEA for the diagnosis of NPP equipment and preservation of nuclear knowledge.



Our scientists developed innovative technologies such as improving the structural properties of the reactor pressure vessel, that extend the life of VVER 100 years or more. For research in this field, our company awarded the State award.

We are the undisputed leader in building reactors required for the implementation of a closed nuclear fuel cycle. In addition, our company OKBM Afrikantov is the center of responsibility for the project BN -1200 (fast neutron reactor), which is able to bring nuclear power to a new level. ZIO-Podolsk supplies the equipment for this project.

Other our company TSNIITMASH solves a set of key tasks for the industry - from the development of new materials for different types of reactors, to disposal the latest welding techniques, development of new methods of non-destructive testing, extending the service life of reactors at assistance surfacing.

We also develop: transport and packaging containers, improved construction of reactor coolant pump, pipes for main circulation pipeline, ultra super critical technology, canned pumps for various industries.