The enterprises of the Division have a significant impact on local communities through investment in production facilities, the creation of decent working conditions, as well as the implementation of charitable programs, thereby contributing to the socio-economic development of the territories where they operate. In particular, Atomenergomash is actively promoting the initiative to develop volunteer activities in the context of the formation of a sustainable development management system.



Companies of the Division are among the largest employers in the cities of presence, providing stable employment. Four enterprises of Atomenergomash – OKB GIDROPRESS, Afrikantov OKBM, AEM-Technologies and ZiO-Podolsk - are included in the list of the largest taxpayers in the regions of their presence.

Atomenergomash contributes to the sustainable development of the regions of its presence: the enterprises of the Division participate in the improvement and development of the infrastructure of the territories of their presence, interact with city administrations, annually assist the local population, and also do charity work.

USD 136 163 982

Paid to the budget in 2022




AEM contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) most relevant for the Company's activities by the world community through the socio-economic development of the territories of its presence: the enterprises implement a range of social and charitable programs, care about the environment, and also develop the direction of volunteer activities. Volunteering is aimed at building a socially responsible society. JSC AEM is actively promoting an initiative to develop volunteer activities in the context of forming a sustainable development management system. Corporate volunteering has a great social effect and, moreover, is beneficial both for the employees themselves and for the Division as a whole
USD 1 1 610 541 

AEM charity expenses in 2022


Interaction with stakeholders is an integral part of the Division's activities. The practice of preparing public annual reports allows creating a comprehensive view of the Division's activities and its strategic decisions, as well as informing stakeholders about the development status of the sustainable development agenda, goals, activities and achievements of the company. Interaction with stakeholders is carried out by the Division on a regular basis in order to determine the interests and expectations of stakeholders.

Forms of the Division's interaction with stakeholders

  • Publication of non-financial statements, information disclosure
  • Employees: social support programs, union events, training
  • Corporate communications
  • Analysis of the mutual influence of the Division and stakeholders in various aspects of activities




The principles of business ethics underlie the activities of Atomenergomash. The employees of the Division are aware of the importance of adherence to high ethical standards, including honesty and conscientiousness in performing work, interacting with partners and suppliers.

Key principles and requirements aimed at identifying, preventing and suppressing corruption on the part of employees and other persons authorized to act on behalf of the Company are set in the following documents:

Code of Conduct

Anti-corruption policy 

Regulatory legal and other acts in the field of combating corruption

Feedback for reporting cases of corruption